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  • offers a cutting-edge, 3D animated view inside the human body. Great for Report of Findings

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Master the art of patient education

After you complete your animated report of findings, your patients will truly be able to understand their condition and will have an enhanced value for the care you will provide them.

Think about how easy practice would be if you could sit down beside your patient and teach them about your diagnosis through a Hollywood-quality, condition-focused, animated presentation.

The cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” definitely applies to patient education. Make educating patients easier, more fun and considerably more effective.

Don’t stress over your Report of Findings Presentation….


The problems we used to run into were probably similar to yours

Our days would start like a well-oiled machine, but when giving a Report of Findings, we would often be caught trying to clarify their condition with a long dissertation. Sometimes it would be five minutes and sometimes fifteen minutes but regardless of the time invested, we know they did not fully understand the problem.


What’d We Do?

Our solution is ChiroCase™ software. This technology is state of the art and is revolutionizing chiropractic care. We have found patients leave the clinic with a much better understanding of their diagnosis and they are more willing to undergo chiropractic care to manage their condition. You will notice that your patient conversion will increase and your retention rates will skyrocket.


Here’s How it Works

Once ChiroCase™ software is downloaded onto your computer, you simply start the program from a shortcut on your desktop. Depending on the patient’s condition, you will select from a menu of more than 400 animations that range from about 10 seconds to about two minutes in length. There are over $2 million worth of animations produced by some of the best animators in the industry. Below for a full list of the animations listed by 19 different categories.

  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Understanding
  • Pinpoint
    the Cause
  • Present with Confidence

During the Consultation

The broadcasts increase revenue, but more importantly, they educate patients and that is the most important aspect of building a prosperous clinic. You will gain more satisfaction knowing you are helping more people, and its why you pursued your dream of becoming a doctor in the first place.

Every bit of the presentation can be saved for later recall in the form of a digital case presentation.You can print, export or email the presentation report to the patient so that they can reference it when they get home. This is particularly useful when it comes time to explain their case to their spouse or significant other.

We have found that ChiroCase™ becomes a game changer in regards to patient education

You Have Our Full Support Revolutionize Your Report of Findings

Doctors who have a desire to operate at the very highest leveel, owe it to themselves to put ChiroCase™ to work inside their practice. Clinic flow is greatly enhanced because of improved efficiency, creating faster clinic growth. The higher retention rates doctors are seeing in practice confirms this software application more than pays for itself.

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