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  • Hassle-Free, Web-Streaming Content
  • Increase Retention & Referrals
  • Diversify Income with Product Sales

Take Your Clinic to the Next Level

Health Secrets TV is the most dynamic chiropractic broadcasting platform on the market. Professionally produced videos, animations and slides are streamed to our subscribers for broadcast on their screen. With Health Secrets TV you can also customize your monthly show with your own animated slides, YouTube videos and more.

As a chiropractor, your ability to assist in a patient’s paradigm shift from crisis care to proactive healthcare is an important, yet daunting task. It has been proven that multiple points of inspiration and education are vital to implement change.

Successful offices utilize all points of interaction to educate patients from the front desk to the adjusting room but many leave the crucial moments sitting in the reception room for the patient to stare at the walls or read pharmaceutical ads in the national magazines

    Skyrocket Patient Education
    Promote Products & Services

It’s like having your own television channel in your reception room.

Health Secrets TV

Educate your patients with chiropractic segments, quick health tips, nutritional advice and more

Health Secrets TV is the perfect tool to help you educate your patients about chiropractic care, nutrition, rehabilitation and any other topic you choose. You will be provided with approximately 20 minutes of content each month from which you can add another 5 to 10 minutes of your own content.

Health Secrets TV

Showcase Your Own Original Content (Great for Testimonials)

Your original content can be videos and/or slide shows introducing your staff, announcing your mission statement, sharing your patient testimonials, and demonstrating various products that you may offer. Our broadcasts are effective already but when personalized content is added, it increases engagement with your patients.

Health Secrets TV

Get Real Results Loud and Clear

When client’s added Health Secrets TV broadcast to their reception rooms, they quickly noticed several changes in their patients. Patients become more responsive because the message given in the adjusting room is reinforced on the television. Patients utilize more services because they better understand their purpose and the benefits.

    Bridge the Gap in Communication
    Capture & Nurture Attention
    Enhance Patient Education
    Increase Sales & Promotions

The broadcasts increase revenue, but more importantly, they educate patients and that is the most important aspect of building a prosperous clinic. You will gain more satisfaction knowing you are helping more people, and it's why you pursued your dream of becoming a doctor in the first place.

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Health Secrets TV $99 / mo.

*Requires $289 initially for Media Player and Installation

We keep our content updated, streaming fresh content every month

Health Secrets TV provides your broadcast with fresh content on a monthly basis. As our subscriber base grows, we plan to update the content on at least a bi-monthly basis. The good news is that by starting your broadcast today with our monthly schedule, you will be locked in at the lowest price possible even though the price is sure to increase when the bi-monthly updates go into effect.

Below is a sample of the content that we provide:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Exercise & Rehabilitation
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Quick Tips
  • Healthy Eating
  • Nutrition Education

Take Your Clinic to the Next Level
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