Technology Platforms For Successful Chiropractors


EMR System

This system is known for having the #1 user interface because of its simplistic, yet comprehensive S.O.A.P. note system, streamlined billing processes and a real-time statistical dashboard empowering you with the data necessary to build the practice of your dreams. VitaLogics EMR is a software with a higher purpose because of its built-in “research bridge”. This cutting-edge technology provides the ability to pool anonymous patient results from thousands of chiropractic offices around the world into one database designed for research. Life University Research Department and VitaLogics have teamed up to validate chiropractic through an aggressive research agenda. Your utilization of VitaLogics provides you the opportunity to contribute to the research needed to validate your profession.


Top 10 Benefits of Our Software

VitaLogics is known for its efficient and intuitive user interface allowing doctors to generate lightning-fast, compliant notes while the team utilizes a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, system for patient and business management.

  • Enhance compliance with real-time text and email reminders
  • Reduce note-taking using our advanced self-check-in system designed to collect the patient subjective complaint before the visit is started
  • Access all aspects of the patient case using screen rollouts instead of leaving the doctor's dashboard and extending the note-taking process
  • Real-time statistical dashboard to evaluate the health of your practice in less than 90 seconds
  • A custom integration with Infusionsoft, a marketing automation system, designed to increase both retention and referrals
  • Industry leading support using any medium you desire: chat, email or phone
  • Easy conversion process using a step by step manual and short, effective software conversion videos
  • Our one-click rebilll process allows you to speed up your billing processes to get more done in less time
  • Advanced patient management system provides the practitioner with the transparency to know who's waiting, who's in a treatment room and what's the next course of action
  • Customizable report templates to ensure you get everything you need in your report while eliminating the rest