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Technology With a Higher Purpose

A Software For Your Office and For Your Profession

VitaLogics is a wellness technology company that focuses on helping healthcare providers leverage technology to improve patient education, office efficiency and bottom-line profit.

Our products are created for healthcare providers by healthcare providers. We understand not only what you want, but more importantly, we understand what you need to enhance your practice.

VitaLogics EMR is the #1 EMR software for chiropractic
research due to the following:

1. Scalability

Majority of chiropractic practice management software were built on an old, small scaled database engine with linear locks on patient file to per visit data. VitaLogics’ data fields are decoupled to float all the visit data under the patient file making it easier to query. Decoupling the data is critical when the study elevates from gathering simple demographic data to condition based studies. Each decoupled data can be sorted together into groups under similar conditions or techniques performed, easily establishing the median outcome.

2. Data Integrity

Not only is VitaLogics’ data decoupled to stay true to the original entry, our database is partitioned hence editing, billing, deleting and running reports after the data is entered will not mutate the original form of the data.

3. Compliancy

VitaLogics database is fully HIPAA compliant with the highest level of encryption from patient data to file attachments. Also the sequence from patient intake to visit performance to doctor’s assessments can be locked in to ensure NIH research guidelines. VitaLogics even encrypts the transmission between the patients KIOSK to doctor’s workstation/tablet/smart phone to the Amazon server ensuring full security protocols.

4. Solid Infrastructure

VitaLogics is an Amazon Cloud, Microsoft and Citrix partner. All the data will be stored, backed up, processed, and transmitted with the multi-billion dollar platform set by the industry leaders insuring the highest level of data processing. We would not chance everyone’s data to off shore or poorly managed “inexpensive” data centers.

5. Real Time Data Collection

The key difference of Health Mission’s PBR using the VitaLogics platform compared other PBR’s done in the past, is the utilization of technology to gather data quickly and the objective nature of the data since it is captured during the point of patient encounter rather than having the chiropractors submit at a later time or collected as a “survey”.

When you utilize VitaLogics EMR you will be improving your efficiency and compliancy while supporting research to protect your profession.