Additional EMR Services

In a busy practice, it is difficult to do the due diligence needed in training and software setup and as a result clinics may take shortcuts causing the inability to truly utilize all that VitaLogics has to offer to help you grow your clinic, as well as billing issues that may take months even years to correct down the road. For those clinics looking to have the royal treatment and have all the stresses of starting with a new software system eliminated, VitaLogics offers 4 White Glove Onboarding Services.

  • 1

    Onsite One on One Training.

    One on One Onboarding Immersion (We come to you.)

    For those clinic’s with a large team, having a hands-on, 2-day intensive training at YOUR location is the most efficient way to start making VitaLogics an asset for you right away.  If you choose to combine this service with Custom Software Set-Up (see #3 below) you will be ready to go Day 1!

    Cost: $3499 (includes 1 VitaLogics trainer for 2 eight hour days, includes travel cost)

  • 2

    Quarterly Onboarding Immersion.<

    Onboarding Immersion (You come to us.)

    This is the perfect option for those clinics that would like the 2-day hands-on intensive, but don’t have a large team. It would be more cost effective for 1-2 team members to join one of our Quarterly Onboarding Intensives at our Corporate Office. The training provided is the same as the One on One Onboarding Immersion, only difference is you come to us and it is in a group setting.  These immersions will be held in January, April, July and October.

    Cost: $1999 (includes 1 VitaLogics trainer for 2 eight hour days)

  • 3

    Custom VitaLogics Software Set-Up.

    Custom VitaLogics Software Set-Up.

    Let us take the hassle of setting up your software system for you. This will allow you to focus on training so you can make VitaLogics an asset for you as soon as possible and not have to be burdened with adding Users, Payers and Billing Entities or setting up CPT Codes, Price Lists and Fee Schedules, etc

    Cost: $25/hr (Quote will be provided after Needs are Assessed).

  • 4

    Custom VitaLogics MACRO Programming.

    Need to document your patient visits faster and more efficiently? Some clinics find themselves unable to grow their practice because they are taking too much time taking notes. MACRO programmer can custom program your MACROs to match your intake and exam forms. Additionally, with over 8 years experience in the field and consulting with countless clinics, they will provide recommendations on strategy of the layout if requested. When the layout matches exactly it makes life a lot easier and you can spend more time removing subluxations!

    Cost: $35/hr (Quote will be provided after Needs are Assessed).