Are You Wasting 39 Hours a Month in Practice?

Jun 23, 2017

Most chiropractors are quick to figure out that time is the most valuable commodity when running a practice. To be a successful chiropractor you must initially be a successful clinician, a successful manager, a successful speaker, a successful marketer and, well…you get the concept. There are many moving pieces to a busy practice and each one takes ample time to learn what needs to be done and how to do it successfully. When time is not managed well, there are numerous job details that are either not done effectively or simply not done at all. This can cause a reduction in new patients, in patient retention or in collections and any one of those issues can damage the practice.

If you are a clinician and running a practice you are bringing an entirely differently business concept to the table than in a traditional business model. In this scenario, you have a business owner who is focused on running their business and a clinician who is focused on taking care of patients. The sensitivity of time management is due to the fact that in this scenario they are the same person!

It may sound like an easy fix, just hire someone. Due to reduction of third party reimbursement, banks tightening up their lending criteria, or just a conservative budget upon opening, many times the doctor is left with the options of either working eighteen hours a day or simply not doing a number of job details that need to be done.

However, there is another solution. When you compress your job details you can handle tasks quicker and more effectively. It is highly recommended that you learn to cluster book adjustments so they are packed into groups throughout the day. Too many chiropractors are under the impression that if you work an eight hour day, then you should schedule patients any time in that eight hour period. That would be a bad time management move.

Let’s look at a different healthcare specialty. Do surgeons schedule surgery any day at any time? No, they only have certain windows of time all week where they do surgery. They have time to research, manage the office, do rounds on the people that have had surgery and numerous other tasks. As a chiropractor, you will need time to give a report of findings, see a new patient, do marketing, have office meetings, etc. You can’t have an eight hour window to give adjustments if you are also the owner, or you will never get everything done.

Companies that run efficiently focus on waste management to ensure all actions in the business are producing an impact to the bottom line. As a small business you must do the same. If you are looking for waste you don’t have to look too far. If you are sitting in your adjusting room while reading this, you are sitting in the spot where the most amount of time waste will occur in your day to day activity.

An adjustment should include a focused communication to serve both the patient and serve the practice, the delivery of the clinical service and a direction for the next visit. The interaction should be both effective and efficient.

At VitaLogics, we built the doctor’s dashboard with the mindset of efficiency because if we can recoup just three minutes a visit in a practice that sees 180 visits a week, we can save thirty-nine hours a month or a whopping four hundred sixty-eight hours per year. The VitaLogics Doctor’s Dashboard is on one screen with roll-outs to access additional data because we don’t want you to open another page and wait for it to load. We don’t care if it only takes five seconds because the multiple five second intervals add up.

We learned early in our software development that people buy software because of the emotions of bells and whistles in the software. However, people stick with software because of their efficiency to get the job done. It is a known fact that eighty percent of people only use twenty percent of any software platform. I am sure you have used MicroSoft Word but have you ever used the robust Visual Basic Editor. I didn’t think so. However, Visual Basic Editor is a large portion of the programming in Microsoft Word but most people have never even heard of it.

When buying chiropractic software, do not to focus on the shiny lights or the bells and whistles because they drive your emotional button. Mentally put yourself in your adjusting room and see if you can accomplish your goals in an efficient manner. If so, you can save that thirty-nine hours a month. What would you do with an extra 39 hours?