Can your office change through Chiropractic Software Billing?

Jun 23, 2017

Ask any chiropractor what the single most time consuming and frustrating aspect of running a chiropractic practice is and they will all say the same thing; the billing process. Tackling this job without chiropractic software is nearly impossible.

What does having the proper billing software help you eliminate?

  • Stamps
  • Paper
  • Inefficient use of your CA’s time
  • Lost mail
  • Waiting!
  • More waiting (if there are any mistakes involved in the processing of your claims)
  • Your carbon footprint (or at least reduce it)
  • Endless paperwork
  • Literally tearing your hair out!

Chiropractic Software Billing Features

What are the most important features to look for in billing software? The chiropractic software that is best for you personally may not be the best for your practice overall. Considerations include staff preference, size of your practice and growth potential. You want to choose the right one for your specific needs. Although a popular software company is a plus it may not be the best criteria for choosing chiropractic software. The company’s longevity and use of advanced technology are much more imperative.

This would include:

  • utilizing a .net framework
  • one interface for everything
  • a touch screen
  • the capability to have credit cards on file, stored off-site/eliminating the physical use of the card ever again
  • a customized dashboard with multiple views
  • ability to view patient information on one screen

Features involving the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are also an important consideration.

  • Instantaneous retrieval of a patient’s EOBs
  • Choices of posting options (including automatic posting)
  • The ability to save a post and finish at a more convenient time

Features which are no less important are:

  • instantaneous electronic billing/paper billing which is quick and efficient
  • the capability to follow up insurance
  • automatic rebilling/automatic tracers/resubmission with a click
  • line item posting
  • scheduled automated billing
  • being able to check status of electronic claims
  • support of chiropractic codes
  • ledgers(insurance/patient)
  • customized compensation plans for insurance
  • individual overrides for insurance policies

The bottom line is what works for you and your business establishment. If your chiropractic assistant is away for a minute, a day or even a week is the software so user friendly you or anyone else for that matter, can walk up and get down to business? If you do encounter a problem, quick and easy technical support needs to be available.