Chiropractic Software Statistics

Jun 23, 2017

What are you looking for in your chiropractic software? Statistics? That’s not surprising as statistics and their analyses are some of the most important aspects of your electronic medical records (EMR) system. This chiropractic software is crucial to running your clinic and growing your business. Managing your practice efficiently and progressively involves having the right data in order to make the right decisions. Chiropractic Software and Patient Differentiation A key feature to the dashboard as well as a key player in determining how fast your business is growing is the differentiation of clients. Clients are the backbone of any business and a chiropractic practice is no exception.

Does visiting your office or seeing you once constitute a new patient?

VitaLogics perspective is this:

  • prospects – have scheduled an initial appointment/haven’t entered the office as of today
  • leads – actually had an exam
  • new patients- have accepted care/ are active (participating in their care)

Computation and display of the patient visit average (PVA) is also a useful tool. The PVA can let you know if certain patients could benefit from more frequent care or additional services or modalities. This chiropractic software also shows percentages of client conversions: prospects to leads and leads to new patients. Chiropractic Software and Displaying Trends Statistical chiropractic software features front desk information to facilitate tracking patient behavior and activity trends.

Some of these features include, but are not limited to:

  • missed appointments
  • percentage of missed appointments
  • future appointments
  • inactive patients
  • total active/inactive patients

Chiropractic Software and Revenue Reporting

What are the most profitable avenues to take that also provide your patients the best care? Where is revenue coming from?

  • Medicare
  • workers’ compensation
  • health insurance
  • personal injury
  • cash

Modalities and services can also be broken down into the revenue they generate:

  • decompression
  • cold laser
  • soft tissue
  • nutrition support
  • supplements

Chiropractic Software and Marketing

Which marketing practices are the most profitable?

  • patient referrals
  • medical referrals
  • advertising
  • screenings
  • wellness seminars
  • community outreach

Even with 1,000 calculations the statistical dashboard can be viewed on one screen and printed on one page making it easy to compare trends. Rolling 12 month statistics are used for accurate comparisons over time. This provides a framework to show you where your business is going. When it comes to chiropractic software, having access to statistics is definitely a top priority for any up and coming practice.