Chiropractic Software that can take notes?

Jun 23, 2017

Looking for an easier way to create your SOAP notes? There is chiropractic software available which is geared specifically for your needs. Avoid the tedious task of using paper documentation to keep track of your patient’s medical records. The dashboard for SOAP notes provides you with all the information you need to determine your patients’ path to health and wellness. With chiropractic software you can translate medical histories and current conditions into an easily readable format. All objective information from vital signs to lab work can be stored and displayed easily. Your assessments and care plans are just a click away, enabling you to stay on top of what is going on with each individual’s current state of health.

Passage of the new healthcare stimulus package dictates how crucial it is to have an accurate, reliable tool for your EHR (electronic health records). With Medicare’s EHR incentive program you need to have your EHR in place before 2013. After 2015 penalties will be implemented in the form of a 1-5% cut in Medicare payouts. VitaLogics chiropractic software for SOAP notes is compliant with insurance guidelines and government regulations for Medicare and Medicaid. Vitalogic’s Chiropractic Software Soap Notes Dashboard

The doctor’s dashboard includes:

  • Appropriate chiropractic codes, including ICD-9 codes
  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes
  • MARCO SOAP notes
  • MACROS SOAP notes
  • Voice Dictation
  • Speech to text
  • Charges specific to individual visits
  • Fast look at previous appointments
  • Date specific diagnosis codes

This chiropractic software is part of a Chiropractic Practice Management System (CPMS) which is built on a Microsoft .net 3.5 platform which utilizes the most advanced technology available at the fastest speed. The software is also scalable; updates can be added over time without any glitches or concerns.

SOAP Notes Chiropractic Software Ease of Usage

  • No technical experience needed
  • Minimum clicks, minimum screens
  • Quick set -up time
  • Training and daily assistance supplied
  • Carries only the data relevant to your practice
  • Can stay on main screen at all times
  • Ability to change template without any tech support
  • Rollovers make all info accessible at one time
  • Customizable buttons (color/content)

Chiropractic Software and Networking

Do you have multiple computers or even multiple computers at more than one clinic? Do they all need to be in sync? Networking is easy! How easy? Click on an icon and share a template; that’s it! No need for saving to a disk or flash drive. No need for you to transfer information from computer to computer. Visit VitaLogics today to see how they can help you bring your practice up-to-date and avoid unnecessary financial loss in your business.