Non-Profit Partner

Non-Profit Partner

An Agenda To Validate Chiropractic and Educate the World

Many doctors have become charter members of Health Missions because of the commitment to not only protect chiropractic (research) but to promote chiropractic (market the research) as well as provide chiropractic to the masses.

“In order to make the research effective for the promotion of chiropractic, we have to team up to promote the published research. If we can educate the public on our research we can push the utilization of chiropractic to a level never seen in the history of chiropractic”, Keith Wassung, DC (hon).

In order to contribute to Health Missions purpose of researching chiropractic, doctors can conduct a Run For Prevention in their local town, promote Flowers For Chiropractic in the spring, attend a Health Missions Trip or become a Health Missions Charter.

How would you like to Run for Prevention verse Racing For the Cure? Less than 3% of healthcare dollars are used for the prevention of sickness and disease while 97% is focused on crisis or emergency care. The Susan B. Komen foundation spent $58 million on cancer research in 2012 and the cancer industry has seen less than 1% improvement in mortality, according to Sherry Rogers M.D., a best-selling author on natural health in her book Detox of Die.

For the first time in history, chiropractors have the opportunity to unify under one software platform to contribute to the largest research studies in the history of this great profession.

We must commit as members of the chiropractic profession to the fundraising necessary to prove the efficacy of chiropractic and the ability of this drugless healing art to maximize human health potential. The effort has to come organically from the providers of natural healthcare services and their patients who are tired of the drug and surgery approach to all human ailments.

You can act now and join Health Missions and become an active member in a group committed to changing healthcare in America. The health of our families as well as the future of the chiropractic profession will be altered by large-scale PBR research.

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