Seamless User Interface → Simple
Conversion Process

Simple Conversion Process

VitaLogics has become the fastest growing chiropractic business software due to its simple user interface and its seamless conversion process. Gain the software you practice has been starving for without gaining the stress experienced by most software conversions.

After you complete a demo, you will understand why doctors using VitaLogics take their notes while smiling and once you convert your software, you too will be able to take your notes with a smile on your face. Don’t let the challenge of conversion, impede you and your practice from experience the greatness it is destined to create. VitaLogics provides quick, easy and functional interfaces to allow you to spend less time in your software and more time seeing patients and generating revenue.

“Let’s Face it…” to: Our mission at VitaLogics was never to build a software simply for patient management, our mission was to design software to build successful practices.

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All in one inclusive, low monthly pricing. No long term contracts.
No large upfront fees. Integrations included:
  • Text/Email Appt Reminders
  • Real Time Late Text
  • Online Booking Link
  • Self Check In
  • Insurance and Care Plans
  • Billing Updates
  • Support, Training and Backups Included

The Pain of Software Conversion =
The Agony of a Cavity

Simple Conversion Process

You may be simply kicking tires looking at what the industry has to offer or you may have reached the point where your current software is MORE PAINFUL than the uncomfortable process of software conversion.

Practice software conversion is quite similar to the management of a cavity. You know your software is slowing down your efficiency. You have lost staff because the system doesn’t work effectively. Your A/R is climbing because the collections process is confusing or cumbersome.

Your notes are not compliant or you may not even be putting your notes in your EMR at all.

There are tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue from your inefficient software. Something has to change. The longer you ignore the cavity, the more serious the problem becomes.

The Most Common Software Complaints Heard By VitaLogics Sales Representatives

  • I can’t get accurate stats out of my current software. It takes so many “work arounds” just to get numbers that I can use the manage my office.
  • My Billing A/R Report is a mess. They are not providing me the information that I need.
  • My software is just too slow. Every time I open a new window, it takes so long to load the screen and it slows me down between patients. I can’t grow my practice with my current software.
  • My software has the worst support. When I have a problem and I need a solution immediately, I can’t wait days to solve the problem when it is an emergency.
  • My software doesn’t provide real-time text reminders and I read how real-time text reminders can cut missed appointments (lost revenue) by 38%. I can’t afford not to switch software!

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