The Chiropractic Software Revolution

Jun 23, 2017

Do you remember the first chiropractic software you used? I will never forget how amazed I was the first time I played Asteroids on my new Atari. I could not believe the graphics (keep in mind my ship was a mere triangle) and the sounds as the asteroids exploded with my expert marksmanship. Fast forward fifteen years and I walked into my son’s room with my six year old daughter and we looked onto the 42 inch plasma and saw real-life, three-dimensional zombies with white eyes limping forward on the screen with a low grade moan that radiated through the surround sound system putting chills down my spine. My six year old ran out of the room but I was close behind!

In regards to chiropractic software, over the last fifteen years there has not been as dramatic of a change with the exception of a handful of bells and whistles.

The biggest upgrade in practice management has been the development of S.O.A.P. Note Macros which allow the doctor to build customized daily notes in seconds. With that being said, chiropractic software is now in the midst of a major transformation from a medical records interface to a comprehensive, automated practice management system. If you step out of practice to join a rock band for the next five years (I hope you can sing) and come back into practice I assure you will be as shocked as I was walking in my son’s room last Saturday.

Chiropractic software companies have been guilty of constantly trying to figure out how we can continue to do the same things better and faster.

The question that should have been asked is how can we do things entirely different. VitaLogics is leading the chiropractic software revolution by asking different questions, by driving down a different path, by thinking out of the box and providing a product that will replace most management tasks in the office.

The two underlining issues that creates problems in practice management is user error or lack of user interaction. You can create the best software on the planet but those two variables will destroy the management of the practice. Let me give you an example. You want to send mailers to your inactive patients. We would both agree that sounds like a simple task, right? You just download a file of all inactive patients and send to a direct mail company. Whola! What is the problem?

Well, the devil is always caught up in the details so bear with me as I try to explain. Let me first say that I have audited over 40 practices in the last eighteen months to see how much interaction people are having with their chiropractic software. I wanted to see how much of the functionality is being used. It is one problem if your chiropractic software can’t perform a task and it is another problem if no one is using the software to do the task it CAN do? Are you with me? Good.

VitaLogics is not focusing future development on just making more bells and more whistles. VitaLogics is building a foundation that handles the two key errors in practice management —> user error and lack of user interaction. Let’s get back to the project of doing the direct mail for inactive patients. Guess what? Only 5% of the practices I audited kept their active and inactive lists updated. I don’t mean that they were off by a little bit but on average 50% of their active patient list were inactive patients. Therefore, they would not be mailing those inactive patients that were hidden on the active list. Then once the 5-10 hours was invested to clean up your list someone has to understand how to download the CSV file of the inactive patients. The third step is to design a direct mail campaign or shop in a catalog to pick a high priced mailer that you can purchase. Okay, I know that is another hour to two trying to figure that out. Then you have to negotiate pricing and who wants to do that after a long day at the office. Okay I think I got my point across.

VitaLogics 2.0 which unveils in 2012 will start the chiropractic software revolution. Imagine that your active patient list is updated every night and all patients who have not been in the office for 90 days are automatically put on an inactive list. The list is automatically updated at a fulfillment house every 90 days and direct mail goes out seamlessly while you sleep at night. You a charged a predetermined fee and the job is completed. No thinking, no doing, no stressing, no negotiating, no staff dependency and no hassles.

Our philosophy at VitaLogics is the doctor should not have to work so hard. It is that plain and simple. More bells and more whistles will create more incomplete tasks, more overwhelmed staff and a practice that continue to struggle. You now understand our philosophy and our goal is to automate your office to the point that you wonder if the software actually breathes.