Which Chiropractic Software Do I Choose?

Jun 23, 2017

I’ve seen many offices question which chiropractic software they should purchase. I can tell you that I have visited many offices that were successful and many that were not. Now which ever side of that fence you are on, each side had many common habits. All of these habits can either be duplicated or changed so the only real question is to ask what kind of chiropractor do you want to be, and from that there you can make a decision on which chiropractic software you want to use.

Many of the successful office’s I have visited have a Chiropractic doctor that their patients love. The only reason the patients are there is because of that doctor. You would think that in a failing office the opposite would be true, but I have not seen that to be the case. The doctor is loved, but usually overwhelmed and not able to care for enough patients in a manner he or she would like to provide because they are sitting behind piles of paperwork or lost in the chaotic world of patient education. They have procedures that are inconsistent and different messages are being relayed to the patient from doctor and staff.

How are you handling the paperwork you have now? Do you have to “take it home with you” because there are not enough hours at the office to complete it? Paperwork should be completed while you are at the office and patient notes should be fast and easy, not only for your benefit, but the patients as well. The Chiropractic software in your office should make this task easy and allow you to take great notes without creating piles of paper in your office and at home.

Many doctors will keep underachieving staff around for way too long because the thought of training someone new is too overwhelming. The thought of losing the front desk person is so frightening to you because there are no procedures in place where someone else can simply learn and take over. Having Chiropractic software that can tell staff every detail about patients with a glance at the computer screen will help the flow of your office and make it easier to teach staff how you want the office to be run.

What message are you delivering to your patients? Can your patients easily deliver this message to others? There should be a procedure that you and your staff follow with each new patient and everyone, including your patient should now exactly where they are on that journey so the office talk is about the care your office provides.

The never ending daily tasks seem to drag the lovable doctors down to where they can longer attend to the needs of the patients, which is to be loved by the doctor, the whole reason they started at the office in the first place.

Is it time to make a change? Vitalogics Chiropractic Software can help!

It can take your office to the next level by automating many of the everyday tasks and making it easier to perform others by reducing the time it takes to check patients in and out and your overall office flow.